Some of my friends and people I like, in no particular order: - a wonderful engineer/mixer - a great guitar player and good friend - a great drummer and pal - another great guitar player and good friend - a great sax player and leader of Funkasaurus, a group I play in - one of the all-time great NY drummers and member of Funkasaurus - acoustic bass legend Harvie S - engineer extraordinaire and great guy - Bill Harris, sax player and Funkasaurus member - Angel Rissoff's website, he's a remarkable Blues and R and B singer whose new album I have the good fortune to be producing - my favorite music store in Stamford, CT - Jan Pulsford, my friend and songwriting partner, a wonderful keyboard player and producer - my songwriting company with Jan - my daughter Rosie's group. She's a smokin' drummer! - Moses Avalon's website. He's the only person I know of who understands how the record business actually works, and will explain it to you.